Executive Coaching

by Dr. Frank Knoche

Achieve Better Results, Faster!

My Executive Coaching helps you to achieve your goals.
I assist leaders in making powerful decisions that produce remarkable outcomes. With me, you can expect to get results quickly and sustainably. Open yourself to new ideas and keep your sights set on your success!

Transform Your Leadership and Achieve Extraordinary Results

Unlock Your Full Potential with Tailored Executive Coaching

Executive coaching connects your individual leadership effectiveness with outstanding organizational performance. My results-oriented approach helps you break new ground to take your performance to the next level.

Classic Executive Coaching

Unlock your organization's potential and reach your goals faster with my highly results-oriented executive coaching. Get ready to experience new perspectives that will help you unleash your strengths.

Onboarding & Transition Coaching

Launch into your new role with confidence! My tailored Onboarding & Transition Coaching will help you elevate your performance and maximize your impact in the first 100 days.

Executive Retreat

Refresh and recharge with one or more Executive Retreat Sessions. Gain clarity of your current professional situation and develop a personal vision of success that will help you excel.

Coaching for Executives From Abroad

Kickstart your success in Germany as a foreign executive. Enjoy the confidence that comes with mastering the cultural nuances of German business.

Dr. Frank Knoche

Transform Your Decisions From Good to Great With My Executive Coaching

Whether visibly or working discreetly in the background, I will provide the support you need to make decisions that will bring more success to your organization and yourself. Tap into my agile methods and my focus on results to quickly and effectively make better decisions that will deliver long-term success.

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Get the Tailored Support You Need -
On Your Schedule

Working together with me is easy and flexible. We can meet online or in person, at any time that works for you – including evenings and weekends.
I accept direct payments from clients as well as payments from employers.

Free Initial Consultation

In a free initial consultation, we will look at your current situation and agree on how we will work together to achieve your goals.

Focused Sessions

Experience shows that as few as 3 to 5 focused coaching sessions can make a big impact on your future performance. 

Unlock Your Potential

You will be surprised how even the first impulses from our coaching will help you to unlock hidden potential and drive better results. 

Let Me Help You Realize Your Goals and Achieve Success!

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